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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions people have about us. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions or want any more details.

What is $lam The Gavel?

Slam the Gavel is a lawyer referral service that shatter barriers that stand in the way of prospective clients in need of justice. There is nothing else like it, as it features an intuitive, interactive user experience that empowers underserved clients to follow their instincts and pursue justice in a uniquely responsive way. Ultimately, Slam the Gavel rewards clients for exploring their legal options in a way that simplifies the attorney consultation process. 

How does $lam The Gavel help Marylanders access justice?

The top benefit Slam the Gavel offers is that it is designed to remove confusing and intimidating aspects of seeking legal assistance.  The truth is, the legal services industry is one of the most outdated industries in existence. Slam the Gavel is changing this! Almost every other industry found its way into the 21st century, using helpful tools and smartphone applications that make goods and services more easily accessible to those who need it most. Consequently, would-be clients often do not know where to start when searching for legal advice. This problem leaves thousands of would-be clients without effective legal representation, and ultimately, without legal recourse or justice! Slam the Gavel removes these barriers and gives power to the people, so they can more easily access justice in a way that works for them.

How do I use $lam The Gavel?

Slam the Gavel is easy to use. After downloading the app from the AppStore, users can follow a simple three-step process to connect with an attorney to discuss a potential case. First, users build their case in a simple and intuitive way that helps source the inputs that allow Slam the Gavel to determine what kind of attorney is more appropriate to assist the user. Second, if a case is eligible for representation, the user can “Slam the Gavel” to proceed through the necessary prompts that will help connect them to an attorney. At that point, the third step comes into play: downloading a lawyer. After downloading a lawyer, users are free to consult the lawyer about the details of the case in a free consultation format.

Is $lam The Gavel free to use?

Yes. Anyone in search of justice may use Slam the Gavel completely free of charge. Because Slam the Gavel is based on expanding access to justice, it is completely free for prospective clients to use. Slam the Gavel generates its revenues only from the trusted attorneys it connects to its users.

Is $lam The Gavel safe and secure?

Because data and case communications protection are paramount to the legal services industry, Slam the Gavel takes every precaution available to protect user information. Slam the Gavel provides an anonymous platform for folks to determine if they are eligible for legal representation using a Slam the Gavel-referred attorney via a private, secure, and user-friendly platform.  

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